The company on weekday sent out invitations for its second event in a very very little over a month, happening October twenty-seven at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The invite reads “Hello again” with a picture of the Apple logo.

Apple did not host a second event last fall, instead opting to announce everything from phones to iPads at its Sep launch. This year, though, it used its 1st fall event on September 7 to specialize in the iPhone seven and Apple Watch Series 2. Missing from that launch was any mention of Apple’s Macintosh computers and its iPad tablets.


Apple”s computers ought to get the foremost stage time at next week’s event. The raincoat business won’t be as huge — or as horny — as its iPhone business, however, it remains a crucial focus for Apple. the corporate generates but fifteen p.c of its sales from Macs, however, the devices facilitate flesh out its family of product, that are more and more designed to figure along.

Apple has updated its Macs per annum, however, most of these changes are tweaked quite vast innovations. Last year’s 12-inch MacBook update was the sole fully new laptop computer style since the 2012 MacBook professional. Rumors say this year’s raincoat lineup might see a significant overhaul. The new MacBook professionals can reportedly have associated OLED touchscreen in situ of operating keys, are often unbarred with bit ID and have Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports.