Google has integrated a replacement feature with that you’ll be able to book ola and Uber cab rides directly from Google currently. Right now, the system has been implemented just for ola and Uber booked via Google currently. according to sources, the new feature allows people to create use of the search facility to solve reality problems.

When you search for a destination by tapping the search possibility on the house screen, Google provides you with choices to book AN ola or Uber cab supported your search input. you will also view the calculable fare for your trip. However, you would like to pick the ultimate possibility.

To work with this feature, you would like to supply specific search commands like “Taxi to Delhi airport”, “Uber to Delhi airport” or “Ola to Mumbai airport”. The app or browser can direct you to pick a service. you’ll be able to book a ride in one tap. If you have not installed Google Search app, you’ll be redirected to Google Play to put in the relevant app.

In early 2016, this feature was integrated with Google Maps. It featured a frenzied tab with data on cab services together with existing driving, conveyance, or walking choices.

Commenting on the event, Sanket Gupta, Program Manager, Google disclosed that selecting the simplest transit possibility will be a task now and then, our aim is to assist users to modify their everyday travel. With this, users are going to be able to order, explore and build fast comparisons concerning the best-estimated taxi fare directly from Google Search results on their mobile.

With the combination of ola and Uber cab booking service, you’ll be able to book for your ride directly from Google Search app. you’ll read a replacement tab completely devoted for ride services with calculable fares and pick up times.